The Haunted Basement and This is a Record

This is one of our favorite episodes yet! We had so much fun talking about The Haunted Basement.  Jasa did her best to give a little insight to the experience and pump Sarah up to give it a try! Sarah talks about visiting This is a Record, an exhibition by Christopher Selleck at the Soo VAC, which was both highly enjoyable and deeply impactful. In the news, we cover the Banksy stunt at Sothebys. As a product of this discussion, Sarah invents the term Trollism as the next movement in contemporary art. Please, remember to use #trollism as often as possible!

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This is a Record at SooVAC

Christopher Selleck on MN Artists

The Haunted Basement turns the lights off for one of its scariest years ever – City Pages

Collector Moves Forward with $1.3M Shredded Banksy, Artist Renames Work – Hyperallergic

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