Curating Communities and Justin Nelson

Hello SOTAns! We have exciting stuff for you this week! We dive in with a discussion on how to curate art exhibitions that involves communities which you do not represent. It’s a multifaceted conversation where be both bring personal experiences to the table. Relatedly, we talk about the nudity ban on Tumblr and how it affects specific communities, particularly in the art world. Lastly, we present an interview with local artist, Justin Nelson, whose work was directly affected by this ban. We hope you enjoy! We sure did.



“Tumblr’s nudity ban removes one of the last major refuges for pornography on social media” – Washington Post

“Tumblr’s ban on adult content is pushing artists and sex workers to other sites, such as Twitter and Patreon” – CNBC

“What Tumblr’s Porn Ban Really Means” – The Atlantic

Justin Nelson’s Tumblr


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