Without Boundaries and Teresa Audet

Hello SOTAns! We’re playing it fast and loose in this episode. First, in the news, we discuss how the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland has gone admission-free, how Twin Cities institutions make that work, and also the affects free admission has on the community. We also discuss the Without Boundaries: Fiber Sculpture and Paintings by Women, on view at Mia. Here, we discuss the intersection of media hierarchy, generated disparity, and fine art vs. craft in museum representation. Sarah brings us a gem of an interview with local artist Teresa Audet, who is also working at the intersection of fine art and craft. Tune in for all this good stuff, plus our gratuitous banter!


“Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland Will Become Free as Part of Inclusivity¬†Initiative” – Art News

Without Boundaries: Fiber Sculptures and Paintings by Women

Teresa Audet’s Website

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