Privilege in the Arts and an Interview With Alex Petersen

Hello SOTA listeners! We have some delicious ‘sota-flavored offerings this week! In the news, we’re heading back to our beloved Midwestern neighbor, Iowa, as we talk about a statue in the prison system that forbids portrayals of nudity, even in arts and medical educational materials. We then delve into the issue of privilege in the arts, and specifically how coming from wealth increases one’s likeliness of entering the arts field. (No one is surprised.) Then, we present an interview with local artist Alex Peterson, whose color-rich, flat paintings may fool you as prints at first impression!


“Can Iowa Prevent Prisoners from Accessing and Creating Nude Art?” – Hyperallergic

“A Study Says High Family Income Significantly Increases Likelihood of Becoming an Artist” – Hyperallergic

Alex Petersen’s Website



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