Getting Wiley with Gauguin // Danelle Cloutier

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We are thrilled about this episode! We are switching it up this week, with Sarah serving up the critical discussion while Jasa presents an exciting interview. In the news, we dive right into addressing the budget the Democratic party has recently unveiled, benefitting the NEA and proposing to raise their funding significantly! Unsurprisingly, there are rough waters ahead in this budgetary debate.

Sarah presents a segment that we’ve dubbed Getting Wiley with Gauguin! She highlights painter, Kehinde Wiley’s, new portrait series, depicting subjects of people in the community of Tahiti’s third gender. She contrasts Wiley’s powerful portrayals from the well-known paintings of Tahiti by art historical figure, Paul Gauguin, and the related, sordid history.

In conjunction with the first edition of SOTA Projects, Jasa interviews Canadian audio engineer and journalist, Danelle Cloutier. Danelle’s work blends captured audio with music and experimental sounds. The sound art experience she is presenting to the public with SOTA, titled Terraforming, uses NASA audio recordings from space to explore the feeling of existential loneliness.

Remember to join us on June 16th, beginning at 9pm for the Terraforming experience! The location is TBD so, follow our blog and social media for updates! We will be gathering, lying on blankets, and gazing at the stars while listening to the sound art. Feel free to bring a blanket, headphones, and friends!


“Dems boost National Endowment for Arts funding after Trump proposes eliminating it” – The Hill

National Endowment for the Arts Website

Getting Wiley with Gauguin:


Danelle Cloutier:




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