What is Digital Art? // Amy Rice

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This week in the news, we discuss the Arts + All Museums Salary Transparency 2019 spreadsheet where thousands of cultural workers are anonymously presenting their locations, position, and pay. Hopefully, the results can help lead to closing economic gaps in the art world.

Next, Jasa helps to demystify the question, “What is Digital Art?” Sure, you may get the concept, but we go into detail about some popular denominations and particularly highlight the realm where digital and sound art meet! This is inspired by our upcoming SOTA Projects launch, Terraforming by Danelle Cloutier, who works in digital sound art.

Finally, Sarah presents an interview with Amy Rice, a local artist and printmaker who uses nontraditional print-making methods, often with wet media on natural-based surfaces. She aims to make a tangible or visceral connection between the materials used and the image rendered.

Don’t forget to join us TONIGHT, June 16th at 9pm in Boom Island Park for a community star-gazing experience titled Terraforming, by Danelle Cloutier! Details HERE.


Arts + All Museums Salary Transparency 2019 spreadsheet

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Danelle Cloutier on SoundCloud

Amy Rice’s Website

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