Neurodiversity in Museums // Kelly O’Brien

Even we’re not perfect…I know…SHOCKING! Sorry for the delay folks – here’s a brand new episode filled with amazing artistic insights.

In the news, we discuss how the artists of the Whitney Biennial leveraged their very presence in protest of Warren Kanders (of Defence company Safariland) continuing to sit on the Board of the Institution. Kanders officially resigned his position at the Whitney in late July.

We discussed how Museums can better equip themselves to appeal to a neurodiverse audience, and what the benefits are for institutions who make small changes to be more inclusive.

Finally, Sarah interviewed the talented and dynamic sculptor Kelly O’Brien.

‘It’s Just the Beginning’: Art World Responds to Warren B. Kanders’s Resignation from Whitney Board

Warren Kanders Quits Whitney Board After Tear Gas Protests

Kelly O’Brien Sculpture

Instagram @kosculpture

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