Art Halloween Happenings // Andy Ducett

Happy Halloween SOTAns!

First, have you seen that billboard at the corner of University and Vandalia? The one where there are multiple depictions of a shirtless man posing with various vegetables? We have discovered what that’s all about!

Next, want to know how to get in the Halloween spirit and also support local arts at the same time? We have many creepy, creative happenings to suggest for you!

Finally, we have an exceptionally excellent interview with renowned Minnesota artist, Andy Ducett! Listen in to learn more about his practice, illustration, and moms! Yes, moms. Why? Check it out!


This billboard, explained – CityPages

The Haunted Basement

BareBones Puppetry 

Teaċ Daṁsa at Walker Art Center

Open Casket at Casket Arts

Art Attack!

Andy Ducett’s Website


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