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Salutations, SOTAns!

What an exciting week! First off, we have to break it to you that Northern Spark is taking 2020 off. But don’t fear – It will be back! Let us tell you what’s going on.

Next, we discuss alternative means of exhibition-making. Exhibitions can exist outside of a certain space and/or time. We have many examples of how and also want to inspire you to re-think how you might go about making an exhibition!

Finally, we have a guest who we have mentioned before! Their name is Christopher Corey Allen, aka CAA. We reviewed their show earlier this year, now we actually have gotten the chance to sit down with them and pick their brain about their art practice!

Listen in for all the Minne-SOTA goodness.


“Northern Spark is taking 2020 off” – CityPages


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CCA’s Website



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