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Have you ever taken an Art history course? One that focused on the great works from the Greek and Roman empires all the way through impressionism in Paris? What if we told you that those courses left out multiple cultures worth of art? Yale University has decided that their art history 101 courses need a redo, and are therefore canceling those courses until further notice. Some are saying that there is no way to ever include all art from every culture into these classes, so why are we trying? Jasa and Sarah have thoughts because of course, they do.

We then dive into retrospectives. What are they? Why are they important? Why is it so hard for artists to get one?

After a discussion about artists retrospectives, you’ll get to listen to Sarah’s interview Roshan Ganu, a storyteller and visual artist. Her work involves the creation of miniature scenes and strives to create a small slice of experience that is unique to each viewer.

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“Yale Is Eliminating Its Art History Survey Course Over Complaints That It Prioritizes a White, Western Canon Over Other Narratives” – Artnet News

Roshan Ganu’s Website

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