Higher Education in the Arts: How High?

Hello SOTAns! We’re switching up our usual format starting this week. We will now be posting shorter episodes where we dive in to one topic at a time. We’ll be exploring how the art world works, subjects of debate in contemporary art, and delving into a little art history! Even better, we will now be posting once a week to help entertain and educate you during your shelter-in-place time.

Have a suggestion for a topic? An art world query? Let us know!

This week, we’re talking about higher education in the art world. The MFA–do you really need it? Why is the art world so intertwined with academia? What degree do I need for what job and how will it help me? We have asked ourselves these same questions many times. And, now we will dig into them! This short chat just skims the surface. Let us know your thoughts on higher education in the arts!


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