Public Art and Sophia Songmi

Greetings SOTA listeners! This week, the news and critical topic are combined in the wake of the disappearance of an installation Desert X exhibition. Vandalism and theft of public art is no uncommon occurrence when objects are placed in the public sphere and the Twin Cities has encountered these issues in recent history as well. Why even put up public art, especially temporary installations, if they’re vulnerable? We then bring you an interview with local artist, Sophia Songmi, whose work approaches difficult dichotomies: the artists’ identity as both Chinese and Korean, subversive media messaging and patriarchal power, and self-sacrifice versus self care.


“Desert X Sculpture by Eric N. Mack Vanishes Under Mysterious Circumstances” – Artnews

Sophia Songmi’s Website

Without Boundaries and Teresa Audet

Hello SOTAns! We’re playing it fast and loose in this episode. First, in the news, we discuss how the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland has gone admission-free, how Twin Cities institutions make that work, and also the affects free admission has on the community. We also discuss the Without Boundaries: Fiber Sculpture and Paintings by Women, on view at Mia. Here, we discuss the intersection of media hierarchy, generated disparity, and fine art vs. craft in museum representation. Sarah brings us a gem of an interview with local artist Teresa Audet, who is also working at the intersection of fine art and craft. Tune in for all this good stuff, plus our gratuitous banter!


“Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland Will Become Free as Part of Inclusivity Initiative” – Art News

Without Boundaries: Fiber Sculptures and Paintings by Women

Teresa Audet’s Website

Programming in the Arts and Tiffany Lange

Hi SOTAns! In the news, we give a verbal high-five to the NEA for coming through with their 2019 grants on time, despite the government shut down! We are also so happy to bring you a discussion this week centered around the importance of programming in the arts. Jasa talks about her experience viewing a screening of City of Joy at the Hammer. We then tackle the personal impact of this experience, how programming in the arts works, and why it’s important. Sarah presents an interview with local artist, Tiffany Lang , who explores idea of gender roles while questioning the tradition of painting.


“Week in Review: Amazon Cancels Queens HQ2, NEA Awards Grants Despite Shutdown” – Hyperallergic

“Government Shutdown Jeopardizes Major Exhibition Celebrating Women’s Suffrage Centennial” – Hyperallergic

City of Joy film

City of Joy Hammer event

Tiffany Lange’s Website

Desert X and Dakota Hoska

Salutations SOTAns! In the news, we discuss the findings of the recently published Art Museum Staff Demographic Survey 2018, which notes that diversity in art museum staff is *marginally* increasing. Then, the big moment is here for the project Jasa has been working on, Desert X! After two years in the making, the opening week is here. Jasa relates the experience about working behind the scenes on a biennial and highlights the unique experience of the exhibition in the desert. Sarah brings us a wonderful interview with local artist, Dakota Hoska.


Art Museum Staff Demographic Survey 2018

“Diversity in Museum Leadership Has Marginally Increased Since 2015, New Survey Says” – Hyperallergic

Desert X

Dakota Hoska’s Website

MN Original special on Dakota Hoska from 2017

Curating Communities and Justin Nelson

Hello SOTAns! We have exciting stuff for you this week! We dive in with a discussion on how to curate art exhibitions that involves communities which you do not represent. It’s a multifaceted conversation where be both bring personal experiences to the table. Relatedly, we talk about the nudity ban on Tumblr and how it affects specific communities, particularly in the art world. Lastly, we present an interview with local artist, Justin Nelson, whose work was directly affected by this ban. We hope you enjoy! We sure did.



“Tumblr’s nudity ban removes one of the last major refuges for pornography on social media” – Washington Post

“Tumblr’s ban on adult content is pushing artists and sex workers to other sites, such as Twitter and Patreon” – CNBC

“What Tumblr’s Porn Ban Really Means” – The Atlantic

Justin Nelson’s Tumblr