Desert X and Dakota Hoska

Salutations SOTAns! In the news, we discuss the findings of the recently published Art Museum Staff Demographic Survey 2018, which notes that diversity in art museum staff is *marginally* increasing. Then, the big moment is here for the project Jasa has been working on, Desert X! After two years in the making, the opening week is here. Jasa relates the experience about working behind the scenes on a biennial and highlights the unique experience of the exhibition in the desert. Sarah brings us a wonderful interview with local artist, Dakota Hoska.


Art Museum Staff Demographic Survey 2018

“Diversity in Museum Leadership Has Marginally Increased Since 2015, New Survey Says” – Hyperallergic

Desert X

Dakota Hoska’s Website

MN Original special on Dakota Hoska from 2017

Curating Communities and Justin Nelson

Hello SOTAns! We have exciting stuff for you this week! We dive in with a discussion on how to curate art exhibitions that involves communities which you do not represent. It’s a multifaceted conversation where be both bring personal experiences to the table. Relatedly, we talk about the nudity ban on Tumblr and how it affects specific communities, particularly in the art world. Lastly, we present an interview with local artist, Justin Nelson, whose work was directly affected by this ban. We hope you enjoy! We sure did.



“Tumblr’s nudity ban removes one of the last major refuges for pornography on social media” – Washington Post

“Tumblr’s ban on adult content is pushing artists and sex workers to other sites, such as Twitter and Patreon” – CNBC

“What Tumblr’s Porn Ban Really Means” – The Atlantic

Justin Nelson’s Tumblr


Unpaid Labor in the Arts and an interview with Christopher Selleck

Hello SOTA listeners! We are excited to bring you our first episode of 2019! We are beginning to implement a lot of changes and improvements starting this new year. We hope you enjoy some of our experiments and as always, enjoy the content as we bring word on our local arts community!

This week in the news, we discuss the government shut down and how it affects workers in the arts. Last week, workers officially starting missing their paychecks and many museum remain closed. We also scarped the surface on unpaid labor in the arts, an issue that perpetually plagues the art world. Finally, we bring you an interview with Christopher Selleck, who you may remember from our episode where we reviewed his exhibition This is a Record!

Thank you for tuning in, SOTAns! We are so delighted to be with you in the new year!


Gallery 427’s Website

Only Human Opening Event Page

Government Shutdown and the Arts:

National Gallery of Art Closes to the Public, Latest Victim of U.S. Government Shutdown – ArtNews

Federal art institutions For more details on current and upcoming shows

Transformer: Native Art in Light and Sound – closes Jan. 6 – National Museum of the American Indian

City of Hope: Resurrection City and the 1968 Poor People’s Campaign – closes Jan. 6 – National Museum of American History

Trail of Tears: A Story of Cherokee Removal – closes Jan. 31 – National Museum of the American Indian

Unpaid Labor in the Arts:

The Art World Plague of Unpaid Internships – Hyperallergic

Women’s invisible labor and the art world – E-flux

WAGE’s Website


Christopher Selleck:

MN Artists

Holiday Episode: Bloopers!

Happy holidays SOTAns! We hope you are enjoying wonderful celebrations across Minnesota and beyond! We know you all are very busy celebrating with family and friends and, so are we! For the holidays, we collaged a blooper reel for you as a little gift of light-hearted merriment. Please note, the usual educational and critical content of our regular episodes will not be found here. Enjoy your wintery festivities! We look forward to joining you again in 2019!

Jonathan Aller and the Museum of Russian Art

Salutations, SOTAns! This week Sarah interviews Jonathan Aller who is an illustrator turned oil painter who blends his background in animation drawing with classical painting approaches to create works based off conversations with the sitters.

Jasa reviews the exhibition From Non-Conformism to Feminisms: Russian Women Artists from the Kolodzei Art Foundation at the Museum of Russian Art of Art in Minneapolis. She touches on some history behind the collection, exhibition design, and highlights some favorite projects such as The Museum of a Woman.

In the news, we discuss how the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, New Hampshire has made a free community program that focuses on engaging with those whose family and friends are afflicted by addiction–particularly as an effect of the opioid crisis.

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Jonathan Aller’s Website

From Non-Conformism to Feminisms: Russian Women Artists from the Kolodzei Art Foundation at the Russian Museum of Art

The Kolodzei Art Foundation

Tania Antoshina Website

Museum Creates Program for Families Suffering from the Opioid Crisis- Hyperallergic