MALL and Local Art Fairs

Welcome SOTA listeners! This week Sarah talks about her experience at the Minneapolis Art Lending Library’s lending hours. She highlights the benefits MALL has to our community and artists!

Jasa recalls her recent experience at the Austin City Limits music festival and the ACL art market. This brings to mind all the fantastic, local art fairs around the Twin Cities! Want to learn about more about some fun art fairs you can check out? Listen in!

In the news, we talk about how the Art Institute of Chicago recently released thousands of images of their collection in high resolution online. We address the accessibility this brings but also touch on how this may affect the art viewing expereince.

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Minneapolis Art Lending Library’s Website

ACL’s Art Market

Art Attack – Northrup King Building

California Dreamin’ – California Building

Twin Cities Art Fairs – Live and Love MN

American Swedish Institute – Julmarknad

Soo VAC’s Website

Gamut Gallery’s Website

Art Institute of Chicago Offers Thousands of Free, High-Resolution Images – Hyperallergic

Explore Mia’s Collection!






The Haunted Basement and This is a Record

This is one of our favorite episodes yet! We had so much fun talking about The Haunted Basement.  Jasa did her best to give a little insight to the experience and pump Sarah up to give it a try! Sarah talks about visiting This is a Record, an exhibition by Christopher Selleck at the Soo VAC, which was both highly enjoyable and deeply impactful. In the news, we cover the Banksy stunt at Sothebys. As a product of this discussion, Sarah invents the term Trollism as the next movement in contemporary art. Please, remember to use #trollism as often as possible!

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This is a Record at SooVAC

Christopher Selleck on MN Artists

The Haunted Basement turns the lights off for one of its scariest years ever – City Pages

Collector Moves Forward with $1.3M Shredded Banksy, Artist Renames Work – Hyperallergic

Bonus Episode: Dustin Steuck Extended Interview!

Sarah’s interview with Dustin Steuck was so delightful for us all that SOTA brings you a bonus episode with even more from the interview! Check out this podcast extra for more insight into this artist’s amazing work!

Music by The Von Tramps!

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Info about the architecture of the Minnesota State Capitol here, and info about the “Progress of the State” sculpture here

Dustin Steuck “Being” clip on youtube

Dustin Steuck and Noah Purifoy Outdoor Museum

This week Sarah has an exciting interview with local artist Dustin Steuck. Jasa reports on the Noah Purifoy Outdoor Museum. In the news, we discuss the recent denial of filmmakers and actors to the Arab Film Festival, held in the Twin Cities.

Music by the Von Tramps!

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Dustin Steuck Website

Noah Purifoy Website

Wild West Dada Article

“For the first time in 13 years, Arab Film Festival filmmakers and actors denied entrance to the U.S.” – CityPages

Jacob Allers Hatlie and Humanize My Hoodie

This week we reverse our usual roles and Jasa will be presenting an interview with artist Jacob Allers Hatlie, who creates unexpected, yet meaningful combinations of drawing and text. Sarah addresses an opening she attended of Humanize My Hoodie and also speaks further about other awareness and activist exhibitions around the Twin Cities. In the news, we talk about the discontinuation of the Art Shanties Project, which will not be making an appearance in 2019 and what we can do show our support. And, as always, our music has been provided by the wonderful The Von Tramps!

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Jacob Allers Hatlie Instagram

Humanize My Hoodie

“Minneapolis’ Art Shanty Projects aren’t happening in 2019” – City Pages

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